3 ways you could be putting off top talent

It’s hard enough to attract talent without scaring off potential candidates before they’ve even applied. When it comes to recruiting top talent, like any good attraction strategy, you need to put your best foot forward.

Here are three ways you might be unintentionally putting your foot in it, instead:

1. There are just so many roles

Chances are your need for multiple hires is in fact a great thing, caused by rapid expansion, or growth into new and exciting areas. But candidates are paying attention to your rolling job list, and they’re wondering why there are so many roles on offer.

Have you been clear about the exciting direction your company is heading in, and why you seem to be recruiting for entire teams? If you don’t communicate your company position along with the position itself, candidates may think there is something negative going on – extremely high turnover, for example – and shy away from applying for your role.

2. Your job ads just don't cut it

When was the last time you updated your job ad content? Are you cutting and pasting the same details over and over, when each role comes with its own personality and flair? Conversely, are your job ads over-blown, containing too much flair and no substance?

At SEEK, we’ve done our research and know that candidates are weary of any ad that seems too good to be true. They want content that is easy to read, and easy to understand. Most importantly, they want content that is relevant to the role. To ensure candidates are making an informed decision about applying for your role, make sure your job ads contain all of the information they need.

3. Talent can't find you

Savvy candidates will Google you. They are as interested in finding a great company to work for as you are in hiring great talent – and if they can’t find anything about you online, they have nothing to work with.

Without a strong online presence, candidates may think you are behind the eight-ball when it comes to technology, or even worse, that your organisation has something to hide.

To put your best digital foot forward, make sure you include engaging content on your company website and social pages, and encourage your existing employees to be active advocates across all of your social platforms, giving candidates the chance to see who you really are, and why there is nothing scary about applying for your role.
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