4 reasons to use SEEK Talent Search

A small Australian and New Zealand HR and recruitment professional organisation, Advocate Resumes, has written an article about SEEK Profiles, titled '4 Reasons Every Australian Candidate Should Have a SEEK Profile.'

So, we thought we would take a look at it from the other side... the recruiter's side.

1. It helps you find local talent

The vast number of candidates creating their online SEEK Profile, in order to secure top roles and opportunities, is continuing to increase – currently to the tune of 150,000 new profiles a month. The fact is, it’s perfect for recruiters and hirers who want to be on the front-foot and are tired of waiting for the right candidate to apply to them. SEEK Talent Search gives you access to these candidate profiles and helps you find the right candidate for the right role.

2. High recruiter success rate

In the short time that SEEK Profiles have been available on SEEK, we have amassed nearly 3.5 million profiles. Accessing these profiles via SEEK Talent Search will significantly increase your chances of securing the right candidate for your role. As they say, good things come to those who SEEK them out.

3. Start finding candidates immediately

One of the most stressful parts of finding candidates for jobs is the speed to hire. Whilst New Zealand is world-leading in its success rate of filling roles within a month of advertising, inevitably once you have a vacancy to fill, even filling it yesterday is sometimes not soon enough. The great thing about accessing SEEK Profiles is it means you can search and select suitable candidates immediately with access to candidates' CVs. With rich information available about candidates' career desires and motivations (salary, notice period, top 10 skills, e.t.c) you can understand candidates' intentions before being approached, making the sourcing process a lot more efficient.

4. We take candidate privacy seriously

Unlike some other social profiles and job-seeker platforms, a SEEK Profile can only be seen by employers registered with SEEK. What’s more, candidates can manage who can view their profile or contact them with potential roles. This means that when you knock on their door and they see that you’ve come via SEEK, they're open and receptive to hearing about your opportunity as SEEK is a trusted service provider.

Learn more about the privacy settings on SEEK Profiles.

So if you're a hirer looking for your next star hire, increase your chances and open doors by using SEEK Talent Search to assist you in your candidate search.

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