5 steps to excite and engage the right candidates

How your company hires says a lot about your work culture, and there’s no denying who you hire influences that culture too. If you want to attract the best talent to your business, you need to promote your culture and workforce brand to candidates, making the opportunity to join you irresistible.

Here are five steps to help you excite and engage the right candidates for your business:


1. Take stock

To promote your workplace culture, first you need to understand it. This means having a clear view of your current hiring practices, and identifying what has and hasn’t worked in the past. Look at it from your ideal candidate’s perspective. From your career site to your social media presence, how do you reach potential employees and what first impression do you leave them with?



2. Change it up

Once you’ve taken stock and identified the gaps in your recruiting process, be brave enough to try something new. Every decision you make should be framed around attracting and retaining talent, and if something doesn’t work toward this goal, change it up. This is your chance to create a revitalised, focused recruitment process that permanently positions you as an employer of choice.



3. Perfect your pitch

Hirers effectively sell an opportunity to candidates. When refining their pitch, the most successful hirers leverage other areas of the business, especially those departments directly impacted by the new employee. Find out what attracted current employees to your business, and work with these advocates and your marketing team to communicate this, creating a recruitment pitch that is both resonant and relevant to your culture.



4. Get social

Social media allows you to engage prospective candidates in an ongoing dialogue about your opportunities and brand. If you are new to the social world, consider bringing in a social media specialist to get you started and, where possible, include video in your strategy. At SEEK, we know that candidates are more likely to re-read or share ads with YouTube video included and, on average, ads containing video benefit from a 24% uplift in applications.



5. Be yourself

The perfect candidate is the right candidate, so make sure you are always honest about your company, and what it means to work for you. As a hirer, you need to put your best foot forward – no doubt – but you also need to set realistic expectations for your candidates. Define what makes your organisation unique and rewarding, and engage with that great candidate who not only has the right skills, but will fit right in with your culture too.


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Rebecca Supierz leads the HR function at SEEK for three of our business units: employment and learning; product, development and strategy; and finance. Before joining SEEK in 2013, Rebecca spent nine years working at Telstra, leading teams across...

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