5 ways to fight in the war for talent

The golden goose. The applicant who exceeds all expectations. Top talent is what every company dreams of! So how do you win in the fight for talent and take home the spoils? Here are five key tactics to employ in your efforts to attract and retain the best talent in the pool.

1. Tell a story

Communicate to candidates your organisation’s story – not your company history – by developing rich content that gives context and insight to what it’s like to work for your organisation. Bring to life its vision and direction, and provide a taste of your culture. This way you’ll naturally attract talent that identifies and aligns with your business. Encouraging staff to share their stories and experiences via your owned content or through employment review sites, such as SEEK’s soon-to-be-launched company reviews, will strengthen that story and add authenticity.

2. Articulate career paths

People like plans. They like to know where they’re headed, particularly in their career path. During the interview process, make it clear where a role could lead and provide a view of progression and opportunity – this is a key way to attract ambitious talent.

3. Look inward not outward

Staff retention is critical in winning the war for talent. Chances are that if you’ve identified your high-performing employees, then someone else within the industry has identified them too. The hard part isn’t recognising talent, but knowing what it is they desire to progress within your organisation. This is where individualised and focused development plans are key, as well as having open conversations around career mapping. Too often HR and management have a plan but the individual has no inkling.

4. Share the load

Employer brand shouldn’t be seen as a HR-only task, but rather as something cultivated and driven by management, right throughout the organisation. There’s power in numbers and this rings true when all staff have the same sentiment about the business and share it openly and publicly. As the popularity of user-generated, review- based content soars and is applied to the employment arena, embrace it, this is the new word of mouth.

5. Loosen the purse strings

Rather than matching the talent to the salary band, pay for the best talent you can. This will ensure you continually progress your workforce, rather than hiring like-for-like. Staff truly are the point of difference for any business and as we continue to search for ways to stand out, the tussle for top talent will only increase.
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