Attracting quality talent in 2015

A lot has changed over the past five years in the recruitment industry. We have experienced rapid growth in mobile usage, the impact of social media and a shortening supply of quality talent across multiple disciplines.

So, how have you evolved the way you attract talent? Your potential candidates are now exposed to more choice than ever. The way you advertise, the processes you follow and the technology you use all directly impact your ability to place top talent into your business.

Still thinking about what you’re going to do differently? Below are four steps you can take now to help you attract the best and the brightest in 2015.

Top 4 tips to attract quality talent

1. Review your process

Your job ad is only one stage in the attraction life cycle. If you haven’t updated your processes recently, it’s time to think carefully about what you need to achieve. What worked a few years ago is not necessarily going to work in 2015. Focus on streamlining, from the initial requisition right through to placing the best talent into your business. Do you want the right talent or simply those willing to go through your processes? The best job ad in the world won’t help if you have process barriers along the way that prevent you from maintaining engagement with the best talent.

2. Get mobile

In 2010, less than 2% of SEEK visits were made via a mobile device. Today, at over 55% of total visits, mobile access is an integral way candidates will view and interact with your job ads.

So, how do your ads look on a mobile device? What do your candidates experience when searching, viewing and applying to your ads on mobile? Optimising your end-to-end mobile experience is critical to success in 2015.

3. Use detail

There are lots of filler sentences that tell candidates nothing, and this is one of them: “in this role, you will perform, but not be limited to, the following tasks." If you have this in your job ads, delete it now. Candidates want specific details, so try replacing it with something like: “you will collaborate closely with the Chief Financial Officer on business-critical projects to reduce days-outstanding. You will create and lead a team of three subject matter experts, specialising in debt collection, relationship management and business analytics, to deliver the project on time and to budget."

4. Take control

Candidates have a lot of choice. Why wait for them to choose you? In 2015, companies that take control and proactively search for talent will be better positioned to make placements faster, with the talent they need.

SEEK advertisers have free access to over 2.5 million SEEK candidate profiles via SEEK Talent Search. Here you can actively search and connect with the talent you choose.

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