At SEEK, we're embarking on a change in how we act as a business and how we communicate. You might have seen this come to life through our brand campaign that's been airing over the past week. But, at a deeper level, it also means an increased dedication to encouraging candidates to embrace change to ensure they’re making their time at work count.

Visits to SEEK and applications for roles typically peak in the first quarter of the year, as New Zealanders full of New Year resolutions explore their career options and job opportunities. Research we released this week, via the SEEK Change Report, shows a latent sense of restlessness exists among the New Zealand workforce, with 65% of people wanting to work in an industry other than the one they’re in. However, for many Kiwis a need and desire for change is not translating into action.

As hirers, you should be facilitators of change; playing a key role in guiding New Zealanders through these periods and assisting them to find jobs that help them live a productive and fulfilling working life.

We often focus much of our attention on placing candidates actively seeking new roles. However, this whole concept of embracing change provides a fantastic opportunity to tap into the market of passive candidates, encouraging those who want a new role but just need a gentle push in the right direction.

It starts with prompting candidates to think about what a fulfilling life and career looks like for them. This then leads to career planning, setting priorities for their working life now and in the future – at 25, a candidate’s wants and needs are going to be very different to when they’re 35. Understanding that today’s priorities may not be tomorrow's will help them become more comfortable with change.

This year, SEEK is challenging candidates to reflect on how they use their precious work years to find and achieve their true calling. We challenge you to do the same. After all, with one third of your day spent at work, don’t you want to make it count?

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