Creating interest and desire with your job ad

Imagine your ad on desktop, then on a mobile device. Once a candidate clicks on your summary, they’ll scan-read your ad. You can make this process easy by using bolded sub-headings, which will help segment your information into clear topics. The candidate can then easily move their eye through to read what strikes their interest.


Remind candidates why they clicked on your summary by showcasing the top three selling points for the role. This could be salary, benefits and company highlights.


Take some time to talk about the company. What’s the size, structure and reach? Is it a local, national or global business? What is it renowned for? It’s your opportunity to really sell your employee value proposition to candidates.


Provide a detailed description of the role. Depending upon the level of the position you can do this in two ways:

For senior or leadership positions – firstly, describe the role focusing on their core mandate and detail where they will fit in the hierarchy of the business. After this, you would follow with the core list of duties they will perform on a day-to-day basis.

For example: turn this, “This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced management accountant to join our dynamic credit team,” into this, “You will collaborate closely with the CFO on a business-critical project to reduce days-outstanding. You will create and lead an expert team of three, specialising in debt recovery, digital invoicing and client relationship management, to deliver the project on time and to budget.”

For some entry level, blue collar or temporary roles – skip this detailed description and focus on listing out the core duties in short bullet points instead.


When scripting bullet points, keep them punchy. One message per bullet and one line across. Start with an action word like 'create new work-flow processes' or 'repair light commercial vehicles'. A good tip is to trim your words. Instead of saying, 'modification and adaptation of system processes'; you can say, “'modify and adapt system processes'.


List the essential skills and experience they require. Do they require a license, degree or particular level of experience? Avoid vague requirements like 'must be able to comply with our company's OH&S legislative requirements' – it does not help candidates to qualify if they have the right skills for the role. Finally, always make sure that your criteria does not discriminate.


Use this section to describe why others enjoy working in the business. Include a short company video with testimonials from staff or start your sentences with “people enjoy working in this team because...”.


Showcase the benefits you feel the candidate would value most. This could include benefits that extend their income further, career development opportunities or flexible working arrangements.

How to apply

Keep the application instructions simple. Click to apply or call for a confidential discussion. Avoid giving the candidate too many options, as they may delay applying as a result.

Here’s a sample of what should go where:

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