The difference between SEEK Account and SEEK Profile

We’ve been having some conversations with you and the feedback we’re getting is that there are a few mixed messages in the marketplace about what we at SEEK are doing in personal search. We'd like to take this time to clarify a few points...

Any job-seeker has the ability to access SEEK and search for your job ad, regardless of whether or not they are signed in to SEEK.

Our metrics show that signed-in job-seekers have a better experience on SEEK and generate better results for you. Therefore, we are encouraging job-seekers to sign in to their SEEK Account when using our website. Once job-seekers register on SEEK with a username and password, they have set up a SEEK Account. A SEEK Account provides job-seekers with additional access to tools and resources to help them manage and keep track of their job search.

A SEEK Account allows the job-seeker to:

1. Create a SEEK Profile

A SEEK Profile is an optional service that allows job-seekers to submit additional information so they can be found by you (hirers). A SEEK Profile may include work history, skills and qualifications, and salary expectations. A resume can also be attached to a SEEK Profile.

Every time you post an ad on SEEK, we return a list of potential candidates who match your requirements of the job ad. This allows you to access a new pool of candidates who may be a perfect fit for the role, but won't necessarily apply for the job.

2. Set up a JobMail

JobMail allows job-seekers to receive a customised email on a regular basis that contains all jobs that are relevant to their search criteria. To receive a JobMail a job-seeker has to fill in a form that includes information for relevant search fields (i.e. location, classification, sub-classification, salary, e.t.c.)

3. Manage their job search process

A SEEK Account makes applying for jobs faster by using stored information about the job-seeker. It enables job-seekers to keep track of their job search, including jobs they’ve applied for, jobs they've shortlisted and favourite searches across all their devices.

It also allows job-seekers who have saved a resume to their account to complete a job application on mobile devices.

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