Hiring top talent in the IT industry

How do you go about engaging with IT professionals such as developers, agile architects, QA specialists and BA/iteration managers? If you want to find and keep the best, then you’ll need to use all the tools available to dig deep and maintain the talent pool; and no matter what the technical discipline, a little TLC(C) will go a long way.

1. Teamwork

Great minds think alike as they say. So it makes sense that good IT professionals want to work with equally skilled team members. One way to attract top technical talent is to have someone on staff who others admire and want to be around. This may not always be easy, but there are many ways you can use a top IT professional to attract others to your business. If you can’t get someone on staff, think about having someone come in as a mentor or technical adviser. There is a lot of value in having technical experts come in and give talks to the team; attending lunchtime sessions hosted by industry leaders in their specialisation adds value and increases engagement across the team.

2. Learning

The IT space moves so fast that learning new skills is essential. Think about any specific software or application you work with that may attract top IT talent. While you may hire based on the specific skills needed to fill your role, a top candidate should be excited by the opportunity to gain new skills and work with cutting-edge technology. Are there opportunities to attend the best conferences that are available for their field, such as Agile Australia or YOW! conferences and events?

3. Creativity

While complex challenges allow top technical specialists to flex their muscles, having some freedom to be inventive in the workplace is also important. A lot of employees in the IT space have various side projects where they can work on their own ideas in line with their specific interests. But some of these skills are important to bring inside the workplace. Hackathons are becoming more common (read about the one’s we run at SEEK) and can act as an incubator and forum for ideas and help build a community of IT professionals inside your company.

4. Challenge

This may sound obvious, but a lot of businesses don’t admit that they have complex problems to solve. In the tech world, complex problems aren’t actually a weakness, they’re quite the opposite; they offer a challenge to top developers who want to get their hands dirty. A lot of strategy, planning and experimentation goes into solving complex problems, so big ideas, commitment to the task and no fear of the unknown are needed to drive success.

Hiring top IT talent requires technical thinking and a little TLC(C). So, if you are looking for and wanting to keep the best in the business, then demonstrating how you support teamwork, learning, creativity and challenges should be at the centre of all your attraction, engagement and retention plans.
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In his role as Delivery Manager at SEEK, Lachlan Ross has worked across technical projects that include search, geospatial applications, continuous delivery and microservices. Lachie is also a sports-mad family man, who is still reliving his...

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