How important is aligning corporate and personal brands?

Just how important is it that a personal brand and corporate brand aligns when sourcing talent? SEEK put this topic to two keynote presenters at this year’s Australian Talent Conference (ATC): Mike Bailen, Director of Recruiting at Eventbrite and Todd Davis, Director of Talent Acquisition for Amazon.

Bailen explained that a corporate brand is a reflection of a company’s overall values, its mission and what it represents to the rest of the world. Whereas someone’s personal brand is entrenched in their own personal beliefs. However, he noted, the two are increasingly overlapping, as employees become more accessible and are seen as walking representations of their employer.

Davis believes that there is little difference between a corporate and a personal brand, with the basic idea being shared and the same dos and don’ts applying to both organisations and people. He believes that when thinking of a brand in terms of fit, core values and shared priorities, it is incredibly important that corporate and personal brands align. In fact, he noted that if an individual’s priorities or core beliefs didn’t align with an organisation it becomes difficult for them both to share success. It instead causes stress and friction between the two. While friction isn’t always negative, it is his experience that it's better for the long term that shared common ground is central to the relationship between corporate and employee.

For Bailen, a greater level of trust and ease is noted when a company and individual's brands are aligned. There is less worry about what messages your employees are portraying out to your clients, stakeholders and the world if you are doing an effective job of hiring people who believe in the overall company vision, mission and values.

It seems that this sentiment is shared universally, as the benefits of brand alignment also extend to employee happiness, which in turn translates to happy customers, increased loyalty and employment length, improved employee engagement and increased productivity. Both the employee and employer win, so it begs the question, why isn’t this a key criteria when sourcing talent?

Make your corporate brand easily accessible

An organisation's corporate vision, values and business priorities are increasingly made available through social media channels. To ensure that this carries through to the recruitment process, there are three things that organisations can implement to better showcase their brand and values and improve alignment:

  1. Create engaging video content that showcases the organisation's mission, position and priorities. Capturing the culture and ethos of the company is imperative.

  2. Share your staff's personal story of what they enjoy about working at the organisation.

  3. Involve a wider component of the business or team in the interview process to ensure strong alignment between the individual and organisation.

More and more we will witness candidates self-filter when it comes to alignment of an organisation to their own values and brands. So the more organisations share the true value and essence of the brand, the better matches between a company and personnel, which will lead to true success.
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