How to stand out and attract the best talent

At the recent RCSA Breakfast Series, Alex Lasry, Marketing Manager – Hirer at SEEK, provided the top take-aways for making both corporate and personal branding work together.

1. We're in an era of 'new marketing’ for organisations

It's personal, authentic and human. Value creation has become not only intimate and personalised, but more cooperative and inclusive. This is now an era of achieving results through people, the real definition of being in the service industry, especially in a world increasingly driven by knowledge and ideas.

So from a brand perspective, moving towards storytelling in this new era invites connection and trust.

2. Corporate branding vs personal branding

Corporate branding represents the organisation's beliefs, whereas personal branding is a reflection of who you are. The corporate brand anchors the organisation, but also stands as a beacon for recruitment – people will align with the values and beliefs, or not.

The synergy between a personal brand and the staff who embody a corporate brand can add tremendous value to an organisation (and its purpose).

3. At the heart of personal branding is authenticity

Authenticity is critical for recruitment. Individuals can be aligned to recruiters for their career. Networking prospers on authenticity.

4. Corporate branding gives people something to collectively buy into

It’s fulfilling for people to buy into something bigger than themselves.

5. It’s not an 'either/or’ discussion

Both corporate and personal brands are important; they're both related.

6. We are in the business of promoting human capital

People are your biggest asset and recruitment is the exchange of assets. Keep your people motivated and engaged.
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