The impact of mobile technology advances on small business

Advances in technology have impacted the recruitment function for both small and large companies. A change in candidate behaviours, like the shift to mobile search, requires corresponding changes from hirers in their talent-sourcing strategy. Hirers looking to be cost effective when sourcing candidates require a broad overview of available talent and the ability to view in-depth, active candidate information.

HR professionals are under pressure to ensure that every candidate is the best possible strategic fit for an organisation. This has driven a rapid increase in the number of hirers complementing their online job advertisements with proactive searches to hand-pick talent.

Small business is no different to any other business; finding talent can be challenging, particularly for hard-to-source roles. Online real estate is equitable; you can position like-for-like opportunities regardless of your organisation’s size.

However, getting the right talent for small business is often more important than larger organisations, as, when working in smaller teams, the capabilities and personalities are more visible and impactful.

Strategic sourcing offers hirers the opportunity to take control of the talent that enters their workplace. However, unless the hirer can efficiently search large volumes of profiles and determine whether the candidate’s information is up-to-date, the practice can be costly, time consuming and ultimately ineffective.

Conversely, with competition for talent ever-increasing, corporates can direct their bigger budgets toward talent sourcing strategies that target potential candidates at any point in their recruitment journey.

We’ve seen that mobile lends itself to action and we know that clunky application processes are off-putting to candidates. Candidates want to apply via mobile. When placing your job ads on SEEK, they are automatically mobile-optimised. This allows candidates to search and apply anywhere and anyway they want. As the number of candidates applying via mobile grows exponentially, the ability to complete an application on a mobile device becomes even more important.

As candidates are ‘always on’ and keeping pulse of new job opportunities, they are more informed and in a stronger position to negotiate salary and role terms.

The key is to put your opportunity where that candidate is looking, then ensure they have a rock-solid experience of your business throughout the entire recruitment process. Making it easy for them to apply through their preferred device will ensure you not only capture their attention, but their application too.

Small businesses make up the bulk of Australian businesses. As a hirer in a small business, you must play to your strengths. You might not be able to compete with the likes of Google or Apple when it comes to salary and perks, but the potential for career progression within a small, dynamic organisation will be just as compelling to the right candidate.

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