Innovation in SEEK’s search technology

Behind the scenes, SEEK's search gurus have been working on some impressive advancements. We're replacing our search engine with a new technology, which will make job search even more efficient.

This will enable SEEK to create better search interactions to help candidates easily find all relevant opportunities. We are already in beta testing and an initial release to a small portion of our audience has been deployed to the market.

This new platform is also about laying down the strong foundations, ensuring that in the future we can continue to evolve search quickly and efficiently to provide better matches and search functionality for job-seekers and hirers.

It’s been another busy couple of months for SEEK’s product and technology warriors, culminating in changes to our search and matching process.

We have increased our investment in this project significantly – bringing in world-class technology and also getting the best people in the industry to work on our search projects – all to ensure we deliver you the right results quickly.

Some of the things we're already doing

  • Infrastructure changes – building a solid platform to deliver what you need faster.

  • Improved search architecture – the technical ability to positively identify and connect your needs as a hirer with those of candidates.

  • Advanced data analytics – providing a deeper understanding of search behaviours and relationships on SEEK.

We will continue to be where the active and passive job-seekers are, optimising your efforts, whether you are searching, screening or approaching candidates.
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