ITCRA CEO’s Circle Discussion: Is This The New Normal?

The Information, Technology, Contract Recruiting Association (ITCRA) recently held its first CEO’s Circle of 2015, inviting 35 CEOs and senior managers of ITCRA member companies. The focus was on forecasting and investigating what's happening in the market, especially in technology development and areas of threat and opportunity.

The discussion this quarter asked the question, ‘is this the new normal?’ and was led by Managing Director of Employment at SEEK, Michael Ilczynski.

Ilczynski presented and said, “we believe we know enough to understand what our marketplace has to achieve in the future if we are going to continue to help our customers win the war for talent.”

Key themes SEEK presented on

Richer relationships with candidates

There is a need to extend from being a trusted resource during a candidate's very active period of a job search to being open to an on-going relationship and dialogue about their work lives.

Deeper relationships with hirers

Similarly, we need to build direct relationships with individual recruiters and hirers, so that we can more effectively help them in assisting with their sourcing needs and better facilitate dialogue between recruiters, hirers and candidates.

Better knowledge of the latest trends

We need to relentlessly focus on the engagement (quality and access) of highly relevant content through ever-increasing tailoring and targeting opportunities.

Improved understanding of your ROI

Finally, we want to increase transparency around the value we deliver, providing more choice and control of product use and spend.

Julie Mills, ITCRA’s CEO went on to say, “the meeting agreed that despite all the noise in the technology space, the many disruptors and changing market forces that keep popping up, the key mantras of recruitment have not changed.”

Now in its third year the CEO’s Circle has become a fixture on the ITCRA calendar and for the next 18 months the agenda will focus on a SWOT analysis across the sector.

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