Recruitment industry: change is universal

Every day should start with a smile and a laugh. This morning, pharmacist turned comedian, author and wine journalist Marty Wilson delivered delegates of the 2015 RCSA Conference just that, and I had the pleasure of being in attendance.

Also a behavioural change expert, Wilson highlighted during his keynote presentation the importance of "doing pain well" and accepting the fact that change is universal. While 70% of businesses are blocked by the fear of change, Wilson spoke to key themes that help unlock this fear and help businesses move forward. Not surprisingly, he also noted that innovators achieve a 39% greater increase in revenue.

How to grow in a world that is ever-changing

Wilson's insights included:

  • Use mentors – reach out to people in your networks to leverage their knowledge.

  • Trust your instincts – "when you know, you know, and when you don’t know, the answer is no."

  • Life is change – change is the very nature of existence.

  • Take more risks – every time you get knocked down and get back up again, you get a little bigger.

  • Make more mistakes – don’t be afraid of looking like a fool, we all do it.

  • Lighten up – "you don’t get happy, acquire happy or achieve happy. You just decide to be happy."

As Nancy Fontaine quoted, "humour is actually a very serious business. It must be celebrated as an acceptable and appropriate mechanism to cope in times of stress."
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