Salaries experience small growth

This week, SEEK released its salary snapshot data and it seems there may be some people left wanting a little more this year. The average annual salary for jobs listed on SEEK have increased by $1674 or $94 per month after tax, year-on-year to June 2015. While average salaries have grown, it is only 2.3% across the board.

The national average advertised salary now sits at $74,965, still significantly higher than the average New Zealand wage. And this modest growth is despite the reported drop in business confidence, the reduced diary pay outs and other slowing economic indicators.

Wellington tops the list as the region with the biggest pay packets, almost $6000 above the national average. Roles advertised in this region average an annual pay packet of $80,934, which is 2% higher than last year.

Top 5 highest paid regions


Average advertised salary on SEEK (per annum)

% change year-on-year to June 2015

1 Wellington $80,934 1.9%
2 Auckland $76,338 2.3%
3 Canterbury $72,512 2.6%
4 Taranaki $72,376 -8.5%
5 Waikato $69,168 4.2%

Interestingly, Bay of Plenty experienced the biggest increase of almost 7% over the past year, taking their average annual salary advertised on SEEK from $64,339 to $68,625. It was closely followed by Tasman and Gisborne, who both noted increases of 6.2% in annual salaries.

Only three of the 28 classifications hosted on SEEK experienced a decline in the average annual salary. Consulting and strategy roles were, on average, the highest paid roles advertised on SEEK. They experienced a 2% increase in advertised salary, noting an average salary of $99,046. This increase was driven by significant growth in pay packets for environmental and sustainability consulting roles, which grew by an impressive 11% to $88,396.

Top 5 highest paid industries


Average advertised salary on SEEK (per annum)

% change year-on-year to June 2015

1 Consulting and strategy $99,046 2%
2 Engineering $92,479 2%
3 Construction $92,142 2%
4 Information and communication technology $92,082 1%
5 Mining, resources and energy $91,506 -8%

While numerous factors influence where people are choosing to work, it doesn’t diminish the reality that people still demand a competitive salary and one that recognises their skills and contributions. Awarding performing employees with a pay increase is often a somewhat inconsequential cost to the business compared to having to replace them if they leave. From a pure cost perspective, it makes complete sense to reward your employees with a competitive remuneration package or performance bonus if they are a stand-out performer.
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