SEEK Employment Trends New Zealand: candidate availability and trends

The latest data from SEEK Employment Trends shows a high level of candidates in a number of sectors across New Zealand and this may help with your talent quest.

Availability across the sectors

The healthcare and medical sector has seen a high and increasing level of job applications over the past four months to February 2016. Candidate availability in the engineering, and information and communication technology sectors was also high and has been increasing for the past four months.

The banking and financial services sector also saw a high but stable level of candidate availability. Craig Hegan, Director of Parker Bridge Recruitment, believes availability in this sector may be due to recent corporate reshuffles. “Over the past couple of years, banking and financial services has had a massive shake up and lots of restructures, particularly in the banks,” he says. “As a result, there is a wider variety of banking and financial services people in the market.”

Are candidates now more selective?

Candidate availability was lower in some areas, including real estate and property, construction and design and architecture. However, each of these sectors saw a year-on-year increase in SEEK job ads in February 2016.

Hegan also believes applicants are becoming more selective in choices. “If you go back 12 months or so, you’d generally get a very large response and I would say 90% of those applicants wouldn’t be suitable for the role – they were just looking for a job,” he says. “I think [now] the applicants are being a bit more specific in terms of what they are applying for. I think, from a recruitment point of view, that’s good news.”

Candidate availability was also low but stable in the trades and services sector, as well as the sport and recreation industry. However, it’s also worth noting that these sectors both experienced an increase in SEEK job ads compared to the same time last year.

Availability across the regions

Candidate availability stabilised at relatively high levels in Auckland in February 2016. Applications were also high in Southland and have been increasing over the past four months. Although there were still plenty of candidates in Wellington in February 2016, the number is beginning to tighten.

Regions such as Canterbury, Marlborough and Hawkes Bay recorded an average level of candidate availability, while Otago, Bay of Plenty and Northland showed lower levels.

Overall, SEEK data from February 2016 reflected a high level of candidate availability across a number of sectors and regions. However, as candidates are possibly becoming more selective in their applications, now may be the time to consider how you’re going to stand out from the pack.

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