SEEK named in list of 2015 Aon Hewitt Best Employers: innovation the key to success

Earlier this month, SEEK was named by Aon Hewitt as one of the best employers across Australia and New Zealand. Only 15 companies* received this accolade, which recognises the highest levels of employee engagement and outstanding people practices within business. We are thrilled with the accolade and thought it a great opportunity to explore why innovation is key to success, not just as a business but also an employer brand.

In an interview with Business Insider, SEEK Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Bassat, highlighted that it's innovation that makes a business attractive to employees. It can’t be a focus or a mandate, but needs to be implicit in every facet of the business, entwined in staff and in the company’s culture to drive evolution. This importantly places the emphasis on an employee’s ability to evolve and challenge the status quo, and everyone, in every department, being empowered to do so.

The outcome of a relentless focus on innovation is that, at SEEK, change is driven by employees. Staff strive to address inefficiencies by creating new products and services, or streamlining processes so they better answer the needs of clients and the needs of business. And because they are actively encouraged to do so, innovation is not just relegated to a specific department, but comes through all levels of the business.

SEEK's 3 components for cultural success

Bassat believes that for innovation to be successful, there are three key components needed within the business:

  1. Purpose – people have to understand the problems that need to be solved and have clear opportunity to address them. The 'why' needs to be explicit.

  2. Support – lead by example and show that leaders within the business are innovative and willing to take risks. It will empower others around them to follow their lead.

  3. Culture – the culture needs to attract and reward innovation, and the company needs to hire people who embrace and encourage change.

The findings from the 2015 Aon Hewitt Best Employers Australia and New Zealand study echo this, with the report highlighting the effective management of change as an overarching theme for best employers. Almost 90% of employees at Aon Hewitt Best Employers believe that change initiatives help to improve business performance. 

So while change may be as good as a holiday, it seems it is also effective at engaging staff, particularly when they are empowered to design the future.

Rounding out the list of 2015 Aon Hewitt Best Employers in Australia and New Zealand are: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Chorus New Zealand Ltd, Eden Brae Homes, FedEx Express (New Zealand), Frucor Beverages New Zealand, Hilti Australia, Marriott Hotels & Resorts – Australia, Microsoft Australia & New Zealand, Millward Brown Australia, Peoplebank Australia Limited, Renault Australia, Swinburne Online, Wood & Grieve Engineers Ltd and Z Energy.
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