SEEK profile is in the spotlight with a new brand campaign

What if all job-seekers had the opportunity to make their dream job come to them when they’re not actively searching? That’s the message behind our new campaign, which aims to entice candidates to either create a SEEK Profile or keep their existing profile up-to-date, which has flow-on benefits for hirers and recruiters.

Targeting both passive and active job-seekers, this new campaign highlights SEEK’s extended product offering to candidates and the value of engaging with SEEK’s services beyond searching for advertised jobs.

The profile campaign kicked off in late January, with localised billboards, bespoke social content and digital advertising popping up around the place, but will be in full force from today with the launch of a complementary national television commercial.

Though aimed at candidates, the campaign is designed to have a number of flow-on benefits for hirers, particularly increasing the volume and quality of profiles of relevant candidates that can be accessed and used for talent sourcing via SEEK Talent Search.

Using the targeted search tools within SEEK Talent Search, plus the option to send a direct message or a job advertisement to candidates, hirers can connect with the right talent for the vacant role faster than ever.

This targeted campaign aims to increase candidates’ level of engagement with SEEK, so that they’re updating their SEEK Profile in conjunction with job searching. This enables hirers to actively approach candidates who are looking for new employment opportunities, as well as those who might not necessarily be looking for a new role but are open to being contacted.

Airing in all markets from today, the television commercial is lighthearted but succinctly illustrates to candidates the benefits of having a SEEK Profile that recruiters, hiring managers and talent acquisition specialists can view, positioning it as a complementary tool to help in the search to land a dream job.

Depicting a woman on holiday – hunting for a new career opportunity seemingly the last thing on her mind – who suddenly finds herself being pursued by a recruiter and offered a new role specific to her skill set. The message is clear to candidates: by showcasing your experience and expertise in your SEEK Profile, career opportunities can come to you. Whether you are actively looking for them or not.

The billboards and digital advertising use similar messaging, and are contextually relevant to the surrounding environment in order to generate maximum impact. For example, messaging includes while you’re stuck in traffic, or enjoying a movie, your SEEK Profile could be working to land you your dream job.

This SEEK Profile campaign follows on from last year’s Masterbrand campaign, which showcased SEEK’s wider business group and product offering available for both active and passive candidates. The SEEK Profile campaign builds on and reinforces this depth of candidate services messaging. It encourages candidates to engage with SEEK’s wider service offering, and seeing SEEK Profiles as complementary to proactively searching for career opportunities and responding to advertised positions.

Find out more information about SEEK Talent Search and how you can use it to find relevant candidates. Alternatively, call SEEK Customer Service on 0508 733 569.

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