SEEK’s take on the future of digital and technology, from the 2015 RCSA Conference

Today, at the 2015 RCSA Conference 'Recruitment Renewed', currently being held on Hamilton Island, digital futurist Chris Riddell made us all have that 'ah ha' moment when he launched into his thought-provoking insights on the future of the tech world. In some regards, it’s confronting to work in a world that is heavily focused on the ‘now'; however, embracing these opportunities for real-time communication is critical to business success.

We no longer live in a world where technology is inaccessible; instead, our working and home lives are immersed, driven by connectivity, and the expectation of speed and real time accessibility to information. The expectations of candidates have changed dramatically in line with these trends. Candidates want to engage with hirers, opportunities and career-related information anytime, anywhere in the preferred format they wish to consume it. This is a challenge we are all dealing with on a daily basis.

At SEEK, we are firmly focused on delivering the fastest and easiest solutions for candidates to access the most relevant jobs and ongoing career-related advice. Similarly for hirers, we want to offer the fastest and easiest solution to access the most relevant talent.

This is underpinned by offering far more choice and control. Our products and services support candidates throughout their entire career journey and by using technology that does the heavy lifting, we ensure the process becomes far more effective and efficient for candidates and hirers.

Today, Riddell challenged the audience to identify whether they have 'digital rockstar' status. Some attributes and behaviours he called out as critical to achieving this were: to be obsessed with having a deep understanding of clients' current challenges; the desire to deliver personalised, customised content and data-driven insights; and always keeping the consumer at the forefront of thinking.

The critical need to embrace technology and social media has been the common thread throughout today's presentations at the RCSA Conference, with much debate and excitement.

I am looking forward to another inspiring and informative day tomorrow.
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Emma Phillips is SEEK's Sales Director for the recruiter market. Emma is responsible for the leadership of the SME, large and enterprise recruiter sales teams. Having been with SEEK for 10 years, Emma has been an integral part of its growth story....

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