Talking diversity in the workplace

Are you looking to understand the tangible business benefits of diversity in the workplace, what to say to sceptics and deniers of the importance of diversity in the workplace, why you shouldn’t write a LGBTI policy (but what you can do instead) and the difficulties in adjusting to a diverse and inclusive environment?

SEEK recently hosted #QueerAndA – a twitter forum on the topic of diversity in the workplace – with some of Australia’s largest employers, including Australia Post, NAB and Hobsons Bay City Council, having also taken part.

Consequently, news website Gay Aussie caught up with SEEK’s HR Director, Meahan Callaghan, to understand more behind #QueerAndA and what diversity in the workplace really takes.

"[Diversity] permeates a culture of acceptance on all levels. People see acceptance in one form, then it helps people come forth with other matters, and then mental disability can be raised, gambling can be raised and physical disability can be raised. It's not just for the LGBTI community, it’s a culture of acceptance that allows for multiple benefits to come to the forefront for everyone," says Callaghan.

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