Tips to use SEEK Talent Search

SEEK Talent Search gives you access to over four million searchable candidate profiles, helping you find your perfect match easily. But it’s knowing how to use this growing database most efficiently that will ensure you secure the best candidate for your role, every time.

Send job

If you’d like to show your job to candidates who might not have seen it, the 'send job' option is for you. It means your ad is not part of a general job mail, and the brand and logo are featured prominently. It’s an easy way to get noticed by candidates of your choice.

Send a personal message to make a great first impression. Make sure you tailor your message to each candidate, and tell them why your role is best suited to them. This is a great opportunity to talk about things like your workplace culture, employee benefits and career development scheme.

Download a candidate's CV

Otherwise, if you want to speak to a candidate directly or have a position you need filled quickly, you can download potential candidates' CVs. You can do this before you start the shortlisting process and decide which candidate’s skills and experience are perfect for your position.

To learn more, watch the video on using SEEK Talent Search.

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