Using SEEK Talent Search to proactively engage with candidates

One of the key areas of progression in recruitment over recent years is the multi-layered approach to talent sourcing. As an industry, we have learnt the value of diversification and that pointed search in conjunction with your job ad is a truly effective way to fill your vacancies.

SEEK Talent Search

SEEK Talent Search provides hirers with access to more than four million active and passive candidate profiles that you can search and connect with. The platform provides an environment where candidates can share rich information about their career motivations and desires, which enables you to identify not only the most appropriate skilled candidates in the marketplace, but align them to opportunities that meet their geographical and financial expectations.

What information is available via SEEK Talent Search?

When creating a profile, candidates are prompted to include the following information:

  • Their CV.

  • Where they live and where they are willing to move to for their next role.

  • How much money they would like to earn.

  • What their top 10 skills are.

  • How much notice they need to give.

  • Whether they are actively looking or could be tempted.

Seven seconds after your ad goes live on SEEK, a list of matching candidates is produced using the job ad title as a starting point. Then using SEEK’s relevance algorithm, keywords within your job ad title and location are used to rank the most relevant candidates to you. The more words matched, the more relevant the profile is.

Getting the most out of SEEK Talent Search

There are different refinement capabilities to narrow down the list to target the perfect candidates to connect and engage with. One of the most powerful refinements is the keyword filter, as it enables you to search for information across the profile and the CV, producing high-quality results and fast. When using this tool, a good tip is to think about the words your candidates would use to describe their skills, qualifications and titles. Mimic their language and see the difference in your results. Other refinement options include industry, company, when was the profile last updated, salary, work type, right to work in Australia, CV and location

Connecting with the right candidate, faster

Once the top candidates have been identified and you've made your choice, it’s time to make contact.

There are three different ways to connect with candidates – each one is a unique approach in the sense that they have varied levels of effort and communication intensity.

  1. Send job – allows you to send a link to your live job ad. It’s designed to make sure you have the opportunity to place your job ad in front of the most relevant candidate for your role.

  2. Send message – allows you to personally connect with candidates and make a great first impression. You can create a personal message encouraging the candidate to reply to you by email or phone, whichever you choose, and then proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process.

  3. Access CV – allows you to access a candidate's CV to start your shortlisting process. You can immediately get a copy of their most recently uploaded resume, sent directly to your inbox. Plus you have the option to download it from Talent Search. This connection method also provides you with their contact details and full working history. 

From here, it’s time to work your magic, and it is important that you do work it. Generic messages will not cut through – personalised messages that sell the opportunity straight up is what you need to aim for. Acknowledge why you want to talk to the candidate, why they are potentially a great fit and why they can't pass on this opportunity.
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